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Welcome to the new Blog! I thought it would be quite fun to start one up and see how it goes – so I can post bits and pieces of information about the jobs I’m working on, or the places I am visiting.

And I think it would be a useful way to have an ongoing ‘diary’of what I am up to, as well as the bigger items on the News page.

Thanks for stopping by… feel free to leave me any comments you have.


Stephen Weller


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Season Greetings all the way from Australia!

    Congrats on joining the world of bloggers! Looking forward to reading more.

    – Mel

  2. G’day Stephen

    Blogging is certainly the way to go.

    Happy Holidays

    Jeff (The guy who wore his Martin Guerre t-shirt backwards in Newcastle, Australia)

  3. Hi, just to say your blog is very interesting. I always try to go see a show whenever I’m in London though it’s a few years since I was there, nice to hear the inside tales of someone who really seems to love what he does,My own is at
    continued success to you, david,


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