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I had a great evening yesterday watching a new show at the Finborough Theatre. The musical is called “Three Sides” and is written by Grant Olding and Toby Davies – and it’s fab!

I’ve been lucky enough to have had my ear/eye on the show for a little while as it’s on the other website that I run 21st Century Musicals and having listened to the demo tracks I knew already that I was going to enjoy the songs. It’s the type of music – “comtemporary adult musical theatre” I suppose – that I’d love to do more of.. fingers crossed!

I haven’t been to the Finborough before, and it appears there is some issue with the Bar at the moment – so there was no interval drnks for any of us! But it’s a nice venue, with the performance space being similar to a lot of the “Pub” theatres in London (like the Landor, Kings Head etc) – not huge, but ideal for more intimate pieces.

The cast is made up of Simon Gleeson, Caroline Sheen & Jon-Paul Hevey, all of whom perform splendidly. I actually taught JP for a short time whilst I was working at Mountview Theatre School, so it’s really great to come and see him doing such great work. It was a fun evening all round as I bumped into various people who I hadn’t seen for ages – Grant (the composer) was there, as was my friend Tim Godwin who I started in Les Mis with all those years ago, and a current Les Mis cast memebr Robert Archibald who I have worked with on a number of occassions.

And it’s always nice meeting up with people when you are actually able to say you have work coming up – much better than:

“What have you been up to?”
“Um… nothing much…”
“Anything coming up?”
“Um… nothing much…”

Aargh – that’s hideous! But none of that this time. Now – the ONLY thing you need to remember if you’re going to go and see the show (which I thoroughly recommend you do) is to take penty of water: small theatre; no air-con; hot lights; lots of bodies… you can guess what we all looked like by the interval!

But it was a small price to pay, and worth every drop of sweat! There are only 2 more shows at the Finborough before the show wends its way to New York as part of the NYMF Festival later in the year. If you get a chance – go and see it!

The next shows are Sunday 9th and Monday 10th July. Don’t miss it or you will just have to hop on a plane to see it in New York.

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