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… seems to have been the question on pretty much everyone’s lips backstage at the theatre this week. Causing a bit of a buzz it is!!

Well, I am one of the few who is answering “Yes” to that question, as I have accepted an offer to continue in the show when it tours next year – hurrah! I think it’s going to be lots of fun actually, as it sounds as if quite a few of the current cast are going to do the tour as well, and what with the various “celebs” who will be doing stints in various roles, I think it’s going to be ‘interesting’ at the very least 😉

I will be playing the same role, and also be the cover for Roger De Bris – which is being played by Peter Kay for the Manchester stint of the tour. Double edged sword of course… great to be the only cover for a role, greater possibility of getting on, but HIGH probability of getting the “groan” should Peter be off and I have to take his place.

So if you DO come to see Peter Kay and he’s off – groan quietly!!!

Stephen Weller

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