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I’m just sat in a coffee shop with a drink on my way home from rehearsals at Dance Attic in Fulham for the Les Miserables concert which I’ll be performing in over in Jersey next week.

It’s great – if slightly odd – to be revisiting the score again. The last time was for the recording of the 21st Anniversary Concert on Radio 2… and even THAT was a few years ago. But when you do a show for so long, it is fairly ingrained in your brain, so hopefully (with a few lyric checks!) it should all come flooding back.

And as it happens, my pal JP is doing his thang with a group right here in St Pancras – a promenade performance of “Drive Ride Walk” (www.driveridewalk.com) – which was a pleasant surprise!

See – I stand by what I said – I like the new St Pancras!

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