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OK. Over the grumpiness now. And one thing that cheers me up is my friend Eddy who’s a performer in the U.S.

We met whilst we were working at Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan. It’s great to have friends all over the world, but it can be a bit of a bind when you can’t see people – airfares being what they are! But with the wonders of the Inernet, at least we get the chance to chat to each other every now and then online to keep up with the news. (Oh – and no comments about how much older I look now, please – it was nearly 5 years ago!!)

Eddy is in rehearsals for the new Boublil & Schonberg show “Pirate Queen” (or something with Pirates in anyway!) which is fantastic. We used to work on songs for auditions for him whilst we were in Tokyo, and now he’s done as many shows on Broadway as I have in the West End…

I always thought he was a great dancer, but if you look at the Choreographer Adam Hougland’s website and go to Video 1 of “Fledglings” featuring the Cedar Lake Ensemble in New York – and that’s Eddy! How fab is he ??!?!? Now, I’m no officionado, but I reckon he’s a bit good at that dancing mullarkey!

Ooh – crikey. Now I’ve started something – I’ll have to do little bits on all my talented friends. That’ll take a while….

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