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OK. I’m no expert, and maybe haven’t got any evidence – BUT –

Does anyone not think that (whatever the cause!) our weather systems are going into meltdown??

It’s not just because it is raining today, and has been raining for hours, and hasn’t stopped… or that a couple of years ago we had a heat wave like no-one has seen before, but this year we’ve got some of the worst floods in living memory…

But because of the completely “unseasonal” weather we’ve had all.. ummm… ‘season’. Heavy rains, storms, floods. I know the British summers are often laughably wet, but REALLY!!!

The storm that passed over Birmingham last night whilst we were doing the show was something fierce. We were in the middle of the show, just starting Act II, when one of the laudest and heaviest bits of thunder i have ever heard actually shook the theatre – and I’m no spring chicken any more so I’ve heard a fair few 😉 The rain that followed could be heard on stage (and in the auditorium) which I don’t think I’ve knoen before – and that was over the music and all of us making a racket. Scary.

There are severe weather warnings this morning in place from the MET office for about 45% of the country. [The red bits] Whether or not (pardon the pun!) Global Warming is the cause, the effect – especially for the 1,000s of people flooded out of their homes this summer, is seemingly worse than before.

And it’s still raining…

Stephen Weller

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