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Yesterday was my first costume fitting for the “Scrooge” tour – so I guess my first official steps towards the show. Hurrah!

I have decided to use my blog as my diary of the tour, so I’ll try and jot down any thoughts or experiences (or anything vaguely interesting!) here.

As there are two productions running concurrently – the London Palladium (with Tommy Steele) and the UK Tour (with Shane Richie) – it’s all pretty frantic for the Costume and Wigs team. I arrived for the fitting to find rehearsals for the London production well under way in the next room, and the girls buried amongst crates of costumes and boxes of wigs. I’d forgotten how much fun trying on clothes is… 🙂

Rehearsals don’t start for a couple of weeks for us – so it was nice to start to meet some of the people involved in the production. I don’t think I know any of these rest of the cast (having snuck a look at a cast list) so it will be a chance to make a load of new friends.

Role on October 27th!!
Scrooge, The Musical

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  1. Hi!

    Apologies for being a completely random fan who happened to come across your blog from your site. Have been following events with interest and only recently have plucked up enough courage to greet you.

    “Martin Guerre” is a theatrical masterpiece, and the latest recording one of the finest pieces of music theatre that has come into my possession. Can I just now humbly declare my passion for the song “I’m Martin Guerre”, which I have currently on my playlist, anyway.

    That was rather long. Again, sorry. But thank you for setting up a blog! Will be avidly watching updates (in a completely non-stalker-ish fashion… um… yes.)


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