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One of the many good things about being in the cast of The Producers (and there really are many…) is getting to be one of the covers for Roger DeBris – one of the best characters in the show…well, I think so!

Sadly, Matt rixon (who is currently playing Roger in London) is far too healthy, and doesn’t seem likely to be going off any time soon. Nonetheless, I do get the chance to do rehearsals, and last week and next I get to do the run in costumes. And here you can see perhaps the my best loved one – the Chrysler Building dress.

Yep – I know. Stunning huh!! hehehehe

I think what with the shoes, the choker, the earings etc. it makes quite a stunning ensemble. It took a little getting used to – not having worn dresses before (NO – I HAVEN’T!!) but it’s all OK now. I’d worn the shoes in a bit, just trotting round the theatre (!) so it was just the beaded dress to contend with.

So even if I don’t get on, at least I’ve got to dress up a bit – which is half the fun 🙂

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