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A quick message, as it’s only the 2nd chance to be online since joining the ship. Lots of news and photos to pass on – but it may have to wait until we get back to Southampton on the 7th April.

We joined Azura on the 18th March, and have been frantically rehearsing our shows in the Playhouse Theatre onboard since then; checking costumes, working with our new tracks, getting used to the space – and trying to find our way around an ENORMOUS ship! 🙂

Everything is going very well, and we’re all still friends – which is no bad thing. Lots still to do, as we do have 9 shows to get sorted, but we’re working our way through and will be moving on to the 3rd next week.

More photos to come, and a bit of “catch up” news when I have time online.

Stephen Weller

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