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… to see La Clique – it’s BRILLIANT!

I went along to see their opening night at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square, and it was a really great night. It’s funny, amazing, sexy, clever, intense, naughty, a bit shocking, and pretty darn HOT! There are all sorts of acts throughout the show – contortionists, acrobatics, juggling, music, comedy – something for everyone. It may not necessarily be something you wanna take your Granny to… but I guess that depends on your Granny!

The show has been performed in Sydney, Melbourne, Montreal, Dublin, New York and at the Edinburgh Festival this year. The website says “Among the acts collected in LA CLIQUE’s international menagerie of the bizarre are Norway’s outrageously bendy Captain Frodo, hula hoop’s finest exponent Yulia Pikhtina, the PVC-clad Miss Behave who has a penchant for swallowing pointy objects, and Ursula Martinez whose show-stopping routines literally strip cabaret down to its bare essentials.”

And it’s also cool to be inside the Hippodrome. It has such an cool history, and it’s the first time I’ve been inside. Originally constructed as a water circus, with a 100,000 litre pool in which elephants, polar bears and sea lions could be seen, the Hippodrome has hosted performances from artists as wide ranging as escapologist Harry Houdini and singers Shirley Bassey and Judy Garland. The current set up of the auditorium suits the show perfectly, and I think you need to make sure you get seats close up to the action…

And I absolutely defy ANYONE to not find at least one of the performers stunning… go on…prove me wrong!

You can check out all the details at www.lacliquelondon.com – so buy a ticket – you won’t regret it.

Please note – Stephen has not been paid money for saying all these nice things about the show – he just thinks it’s brilliant! 😉

Stephen Weller

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