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I don’t think anyone who has been watching the current programmes on TV about the state of some of our food “manufacturing” could fail to be pretty appalled, both at the quality of some of the stuff we’re eating, but also the dreadful way some of the livestock and animals are being raised.

Please visit the website (at and sign the petition. You can also read more about Hugh F-W’s campaign to encourage us all to choose free range for all our chickens. Ta!

Stephen Weller

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  1. Mr. Weller! It’s nice to see that you have a blog now, *and* a homepage. I truly hope you are well and that you have a wonderful carreer.

    The other day I was listening to the cast recording of Martin Guerre and it occurred to me to search for you. That’s how I found your blog&site.

    So, cheers and a wonderful new year (although it’s already march!), all the way from Brazil. =)


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