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…well, actually I’m fairly cool at the moment! Sitting in the shade with an iced coffee, so I’m keeping out of the sun for a while.

We’re docked in Helsinki, Finland today and as we were unable to get off last time we visited, it’s great to have a chance to explore the city a little.

Having read the tourist blurb on the little guide book, it appears (and actuality confirms) that Helsinki is quite a ‘modern’ city – historically, the main available building material being wood, which has, on the whole, been lost to fires over the years – with the bulk of the architecture being constructed in the past century or so. No doubt there are notable exceptions, but I’ve sadly not got many hours to root them out!

Neil and I are doing our cabaret tonight, so we have a sound check with the band later this afternoon. Just time to finish coffee, and snap a few more photos before heading back. A day at sea tomorrow, so you can bet it’ll rain!!

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Location:Centralgatan, Helsinki, Finland

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