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A BIG thank you to all of you who voted for “Scooch” at the weekend in the ‘Making Your Mind Up?’ competition.

It was really exciting for us all in the show, because Caroline Barnes – one of the members of “Scooch” (the blonde one!) – is our Dance Captain. We managed to see most of the programme whilst doing our evening performance; running back and forth to the stage door where there was a TV set to BBC 1!!! And we found out that they had won just after “Springtime For Hitler”….

Although it may mean we see a little less of Caroline over the coming months, as the band prepare for Eurovision, we’re all really proud of her and the rest of the guys.

We’ve also had a bit of a laugh about the reports in The Daily Mirror about Scooch’s “secret” backing vocalist – very funny! Of course Scooch had backing vocalists, as did all the other acts – it would be hard to have 3-part female harmonies with only 2 girls!!! And you only have to listen to the vocals on Saturday to know that the band were singing live… if that was the “track” it would have been perfect, and you wouldn’t hear the slight inconsistences that were there during the live performance. Hey ho – don’t believe everything you read in the papers 😉

So make sure you use your vote- and vote “Scooch” on 12th May.

Helsinki here we come!!

Stephen Weller

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