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Phew. Kinda glad that show is over with. It’s fairly safe to say that I don’t think there has ever been a Courtroom scene in The Producers quite like that one!

As it was the last matinee (traditionally a time when small, subtle tricks are played amongst the cast during the show) Peter – not wanting to be left out – decided to join in the Courtroom as one of Max Bialystock’s “Little Old Ladies” – complete with dress, wig, and thick glass-bottle-bottom glasses… quite a sight!!!

As the curtain revealed the scene, after Cory (Max Bialystock) had finished the number “Betrayed”, he looked a little puzzled as to why the audience were laughing quite so much. It wasn’t long – once he had time to look down the line of little old ladies – before he realised that we had an “extra” in the room. He kept his composure very well, and handed over the baton to a surprised John Gordon Sinclair (Leo) when he entered the room.

“Your honor – may I address the court? … is there any point??!?” he asked…

Peter doesn’t do things by half, so fulfilled his role completely, even joining in with the singing during the song “Till Him” … slightly less poignant than in a normal show, it has to be said.

To round the afternoon off, Gordie hushed the audience during the Curtain Call, and told them that it was his & Peter’s last night in the show, and also that it was Peter’s birthday (it’s not!) and encouraged the audience to join in with a round of Happy Birthday – particularly funny when you know that Peter has played this trick on John a number of times during the run.

Ahh Peter Kay – his version of The Producers will be sorely missed! 🙂

Stephen Weller

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