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I am sat here listening to some music and kicking myself – how can I have missed out on this for so long?!?!

I’m talking about Durufle’s Requiem – which is BEAUTIFUL! Having been a fan of Faure’s Requiem for years (ever since I first heard and sang it whilst at school) I didn’t think there was a Requiem to beat it for me… but Mr Durufle is certainly doing his best to change my mind.

It is full of the kind of thick, lush choral chords that I just love listening to. The sort of sound that feels like it is enveloping you, and you could just sink right into it. I think I may need to investigate some more of his work – I feel a bit of a dunce now, having had the CD for so long and never having got passed Faure. Very lax on my part!

Stephen Weller

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