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… what with one thing and another.

Thing 1 – was the arrival of my scores and script for The Producers, which arrived at the end of last week. Very exciting to read and hum through it all. There’s only 5 more days before starting rehearsals now and I can’t WAIT to get going on it 🙂

Thing 2 – was in the shape of my final show with The WestEnders for the time being. When I look back at the list of jobs I have been involved with over the past couple of years, I sometimes forget that the various concerts, cruises and gigs with the WestEnders has made up a large percentage of that – in number of occasion, if not in actually “days worked”. Of course I will hopefully joining the gang again in January (if they’ll have me back!) but for the time being its Sayonara.

Thing 3 – was perhaps the more “high brow” of the three, being a trip to Covent Garden to watch a free performance of Turandot at the Royal Opera House, played into the courtyard outside on a huge screen. Not only was the screen in Covent Garden, there was one in Docklands, and Hull, and Leeds and about 10 other locations around the UK. Good for them. I see little enough Opera as it is, so I think it is great that people get a chance to see it – in a kinda cool atmosphere as well – for free.

You can see my friend Sara here sporting the lovely free gear you got supplied with – the rather trendy BP hat, matching the equally elegant BP Rain Poncho – and she is sat on the ever-so-comfy BP blow up cushion (may have been comfy but it was a helluva job blowing the thing up!). Oh, did I mention that I think the event is sponsored by BP?!?!?!?

Admittedly we got there a little late, and it was quite busy, and we did spend a large amount of the time trying to see round a metal barrier – but apart from that (!) it was a lovely evening. The weather held out, the performance was great, and I only hear done argument in the crowd. Not bad going for 2,000 Brits shoved in close proximity to eachother sat on blow up cushions!

I’m trying to get out and see as many things as I can before I get heavily involved with the show and just won’t have spare evenings to see things. I have quite a few on the list – so I’d better get moving quick sharp!

Stephen Weller

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