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There are the odd times when you’re in a bad mood. Not for any particular reason- you just are.

And I can tell you, nothing can lift your spirits more than looking out into hhe sea and seeing a large pod of Dolphins swimming directly under you! Oh my goodness- it’s fantastic!!

I was outside on one of the open decks in the crew area, and hear ‘splashing’ in the water below. You can always hear the movement of water when the ship is steaming along, but this was a different splashing sound. I peered over rail to discover it was the sound of the dolphins leaping around below.

You often get to spot dolphins ( and sometimes whales…) from the ship, but because of the position of the deck I was on, they were playing around directly under me. It meant I could not only watch them leaping out of and diving back into the water, but could also see them as they swam under water – what an amazing sight.

Mood enhancer -nature’s way! 🙂

(PS – the photo is not mine. I didn’t have my camera with me, sadly. But enjoyed the moment nonetheless)

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Location:Bunićeva poljana,Dubrovnik,Croatia

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