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… or rather the fact that he is doing the tour is out of the closet.

Peter announced the fact this evening on the “Parkinson” show, and you can now buy tickets for Manchester.

If you go to the Producers – London website there is a (fairly obvious!) link to tickets for the tour. So it looks like it’s official!!

I have no doubt this will do little to quash any more rumours and chatting about the tour backstage, and elsewhere, but at least that’s one bit of the puzzle in place… many more to fit it I feel!

We had a great day today at the theatre though – the audiences were fantastic, and this evening’s were particularly good. It gives such a buzz on stage when you are getting a reaction from the audience like that – I love it!! I think there were only something like 72 seats free this evening… and in a 2237-seater, that’s pretty good going.

But there’s always rooms to squeeze you in if you wanna come along!

Stephen Weller

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  1. Jessica (aka Mme B)

    Hey, sweetheart 🙂

    I’ll be in town next week, not sure if I’ll have time to come to the show (I saw the original cast in out of town tryouts in Chicago, so things I’ve never seen before are rather taking priority), but I’ll try to stop by to say hello, at least. Wonder of wonders, for once we’ll both be in London at the same time 🙂


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