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Clearly that’s not a reference to the title of a song we’re doing, or with any internal cast politics and more a reference to the fact that half the company struggled to get into rehearsals today… the snow is pretty enough, but a pain when you’ve got routines to learn!

(Our rehearsal space – Alford House… pre-snow!)

More work on Hitsville USA today, with some consolidation of our dance learned from yesterday (and yes – we pretty much remembered all of it… we even ran it WITHOUT mirrors….ooooh!) and then heading on into the mass of BVs (backing vocals) we’ll be doing as well. Cool 🙂

Us singers were left along today as the dancers headed off to do some ‘off site pre-production work’. Which is a way of me saying “I’m not telling you what they were doing”! Suffice to say it’s just another part of one of the exciting staging pieces that will be in our shows. Plenty more where that came from as well it seems.

Sadly, as Steph is still working hard as the Wicked Queen in “Snow White” at the Thameside Theatre (you can still catch it if you hurry!) and had to dash off early, she missed out on a little preview the producers gave us of the set drawings for the stage in the Playhouse Theatre onboard. They looked awesome, and I can’t wait to see how it looks ‘in the flesh’ when we get to Italy.

Fingers crossed the weather gets no worse and we can actually carry on learning the stuff to put ON the stage!

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