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Despite a somewhat inauspicious start to the day, we managed to get through it… and I have to admit to a little excitement on my part.

It turns out I will be flying at one point in one of the shows – admittedly, I shalln’t be doing anything as grand as Valerie would be doing, but it’s a start! I haven’t ever got much further than clambering up the barricade, so this will be fun. It may well be more of a “hang” than a “fly”, but I can’t wait.

Better watch that midnight buffet if some poor bit of machinery (or crew!) has to hoist me up!

(Oh – and a P.S. – hopefully you’ll have noticed that I’ve tried where possible to use a line from a song in the title of each blog entry. Answers on a postcard as to which song each comes from. No prizes other than my admiration 🙂  )

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