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OK. So it doesn’t have quite the ring of “Liza with a Z” but I thought I’d try!

Just spent a really fantastic couple of hours both watching and listening to the great lady herself. CRUSAID had arranged a screening of “Liza with a Z” in Leicester Square, which has never been seen before on a British cinema screen (Oooh!), and in addition Ms Minnelli gave an introduction and also there was a Q&A session after the show. How camp!

Now, to be honest, although I am fairly familiar with Liza’s work over the years (could you work in Musical Theatre and fail to be?!) but have never had quite the rabid interest in her that other people do. I think that might have been changed a little tonight. Listening to her talk after the screening about how the show came about, her other work, people she has collaborated with throughout her career and her life… I really warmed to her.

She was very genuine and warm, and when asked questions about her advice for young performers her answers were very honest and mad a lot of sense – even to a wizened old turn such as myself! Obviously this was a very partisan audience, but I doubt if anyone would have not been won over.

She answered all the various questions very well – and even took an offer of marriage on the chin… which she of course point-blank refused, saying she’s not going to be getting married again!! Someone asked why she had chosen to give up her time and efforts to help raise money for AIDs charities all over the world, and she said very plainly “… because of all the friends I have lost…” and she entreated everyone to keep up the hard work, fearing that people believed with the advances in HIV/Aids treatments that there was nothing to worry about anymore.

She told us that she is working on a new movie which she has written herself, and will also be coming over to perform in the UK next year. I think she has just secured another audience member!

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