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We are now into our final stretch of the tour, and our final venue – the Empire Theatre in Liverpool. It was great to be in Oxford as we were within “reach” of London, and we are much further away from home now (which is of particular interest to those in the cast who are desperately trying to organise travelling back and forth for auditions!) but it feels like a good place to play out the end of the tour.

We certainly have more room here than at some other venues, as the theatre is vast, both front of house and backstage. Plenty of dressing rooms to go round, lots of space backstage for all the props ans scenery – but also the chance of lots of empty seats on a mid-week matinee!!

So it’s the last venue – hence the “Finishing”… but why “Stopping, Starting”??

Well – as luck would have it, Liverpool has been the only venue where we have had to stop the show for any reason – and it’s already happened twice!! On our opening night, the Sound Desk crashed and needed to be re-booted, which held the show up for about 5 mins. And yesterday, at the opening of Act II the tabs (or curtains) wouldn’t fly out, so the Orchestra had played our entrance music – and the stage was still behind the curtains. A small amount of ‘jiggling’ by the stage crew and flymen managed to loosen the obstruction and we were able to start again to a friendly applause from the audience. They do say bad things come in 3’s, so maybe we still have something round the corner?!?

Plans are afoot for the “Last Night Party”, and people are starting to think about “what’s next”. At the time of writing we only have 13 more performances to do – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

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