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I have just returned this evening from a weekend in Norway, working on the ‘Terje Vigen’ project. I had recorded the English version of the poem (with music by Kjell-Ole Haune) and the show has had 3 performances now in various theatres in Norway.

At this latest venue, the timing worked out well enough to have the performer of the Norwegian version (Rein Alexander – pictured), the performer of the German version (Alexander Lycke) and myself in the same place at the same time – a first I think!

The writer took the opportunity to film some short segments with both Alex and myself peforming in the respective languages, to be used for the promotion of the show to the various companies and countries which the producers have contact with.

I haven’t seen the photos or the film footage yet – so we’ll have to wait and see. But having checked in the mirror before going on stage it would appear that my longer hair these days, and the fact that I haven’t shaved for over a week is certainly having an effect! Add to that a judicious bit of make-up and some greying of the hair, I hope the results will be quite interesting.

The long hair thing has been a bit of an issue for a while now (within myself!) so maybe these pics will help clarify things a bit. We shall see…

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