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… is what today has been.

It started off kinda normal and then just went WAY out there!

I was singing with a group from Metro Voices in a rehearsal for the soundtrack recording on the new “Sweeney Todd” movie. It was great to work with Paul Gemignani (who is Stephen Sondheim’s “right-hand-man”) as the MD and also Sean Alderking (who I haven’t seen in ages) along with a number of my session singing chums – but then, during the rehearsal I was asked to be the stand-in for Johnny Depp.

Not just there for the rehearsal today, but for all the rehearsals whilst the man himself is away filming!! COOL!!

I’m really excited to get the chance not only to sing the role, but also to work with Tim Burton directing, and others such as Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter (and of course the lovely Laura Michelle Kelly again) What an opportunity… I will keep you posted,

I’ve gotta get learning the score!!!

Stephen Weller


  1. Wow, that ROCKS! You lucky dude – congratulations and the very best of luck! *big grin!* :o)))))))))))

  2. Logged on at first from Depp site link…but love all your posts. Being a musical fan, and a former actor myself, it’s great to read of your travels and especially your views of new shows you’ve seen/been involved with! Very much looking forward to more posts on the cinematization of Sweeeeeeneeeey. Gawd love that show, it nearly killed me once but can’t wait to see Burton & Co tear into it. Have fun!


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