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Monday night is not really renowned for being the best night for ‘audiences’ in the theatre, but they certainly bucked the trend this evening!!

The theatre wasn’t completely full – but the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle were, and it was great to have such a good response early in the week. There have been a few ‘odd’ audiences of late – varying from those that were, shall we say, small but perfectly formed, to the raucous front row crowd last week, to the mega-bunch for the shows on Saturdays. Love it!

It’s also been great to have so many friends and family come along to support over the past weeks. Thanks to all the Farnham lot who have been making the trip up – it’s much appreciated! And it looks like a party from Denmark Street Management (my agency) will be coming along in November, so I’m expecting good things from that audience!!!

Scary to think we only have 11 weeks to go at the Theatre Royal. It’s coming round TOO quickly for my liking…

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