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Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Already we’re well into May, and to be honest – I’m not really sure HOW?!!? It seems like it was only yesterday and I was heading off to Thailand following our stint at Sunway Lagoon. It may well seem like yesterday but it’s already quarter of a year since then. BLINK – it’s gone.

The old adage that “The older you get the faster time goes” certainly seems to be true – in my head at any rate. Ronal Riggio explains the phenomena quite clearly here and thinks that the way around it is to

…take advantage of new and unique experiences…

Not always easy I know, but I certainly like the idea of it. And if nothing else, it keeps your mind active!

The WestEnders - The World's Most Popular Musicals

The WestEnders – The World’s Most Popular Musicals

I’m not sure I can claim to be doing anything new or especially unique this week – although the two concerts I’m doing with The WestEnders this week are in new places for me, so I’ll try and embrace that a bit…

I do have an ever-expanding list of “stuff” I’d lie to try; like to learn; like to experience – so perhaps it time I get underway with some of it? Watch this space!

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