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I’m very excited to have wormed my way back into the West End again…

I have been cast in the final West End cast of The Producers, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane – so I’m over the moon.

I’ll be playing various characters (more about those in a minute!) and covering both the ‘Lead Tenor’ (who sings “Springtime For Hitler”, and the lead role of Roger DeBris – the Broadway Director who sings “Keep It Gay”, “Heil Myself” etc. (The picture is of Gary Beach who originally played the role of Roger DeBris on Broadway.)

I’ve had my first Wig fitting session last week, and my first Costume fitting earlier today – at both of which I got very over excited!! I seem to remember posting something similar nearly a year ago for the Scrooge tour… my excitement at getting put into the costumes and wigs etc. for the show. See – I’m easily pleased!!

It was great to work through all the different characters I will be playing and see the costumes I will be wearing for each opf them. And believe you me there are QUITE a few! All the wardrobe team were really nice. Especially considering I will have to have nearly all my costumes either made for me or adjusted, as they are working from a set of Canadian costumes so don’t have many spares. And my big hips don’t help!

It seems to be the same for the wigs – Richard (at the Wig makers) told me I shall be nice and busy in the show, and we worked out that I’d have a number of wigs, especially including my covers. Hurrah. Mrs Keelan will be very jealous (Wig, Score and 1st Night Party…. one down, 2 to go….)

I bumped into my friend Kate at the theatre who is currently in the show. She’ll be staying after the re-cast, which is great – aways nice to have a friendly face on board. I don’t think I know anyone else in the cast, so it’ll be fun meeting a whole load of new faces.

Just over two weeks until starting rehearsals now and I can’t wait!!!!

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