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This was all Tony Hawks could come up with to call us for our performance of Steve Sidwell’s Heathrow Overture tonight at the Camden Roundhouse. To be fair, we didn’t come up with anything brilliant in the heat of the moment ourselves, so who can blame him!

We were performing the piece – written by Steve for the opening ceremony at Heathrow T5 – as part of the BMW ‘Modern Spirits London event tonight. You can see the original performance of the piece on Steve’s website.

If you haven’t heard of Mr Sidwell, you will have probably heard his work, as a composer and arranger for many pop artists, commercial ventures, theatre events and so on, and if you’re UK-based, you will remember his Honda Advert from a couple of years ago.

That piece, in the same vein as the Heathrow Overture, makes use of a choir or chorus of singers to create a soundscape of a car … or in this case an Airport! – and using only our voices and bodies to make cleverly represenattive sounds. Steve’s skill is in converting what he hears in the “environment” to a creatable sound from the vocal chords… some of it is amazing!

As ever, it was lovely seeing lots of chums for the event… and when there’s a chance of nicking some jam making raw materials – so much the better!

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